Tilting Roller Sizer. Trays

Machine used for the post-harvest of fruits, and vegetables (especially citrus fruits). It is designed for automatic transport of fruits and vegetables through different processing machines. We offer different types of conveyors not only for fruit or vegetable transport, but also for box transport. . It is used for small productions. Fruit falls into trays which fits directly. It is used for small productions. The fruit falls to trays where it fits directly..


Power:2,2 Kw
Voltage:380/220V III (Monophasic 220V on demand)
Production (width 1000 mm):10 Tm/h (Oranges); 7 Tm/h (Tangerines)
Production (width 750 mm):7 Tm/h (Oranges); 4 Tm/h (Tangerines)
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